Jason Statham Admits ‘Homefront’ Script Was Originally ‘Rambo 5’

evolveteam December 2, 2013 1
Rambo 5

The Expendables franchise has brought about great partnerships, none more impactful on the Hollywood scene than Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham. In fact, the two actually worked together on Statham’s recent action-thriller, Homefront, which saw a release this past Thanksgiving weekend and was scribed by Stallone. But the most intriguing fact about the film might not be the fight sequences or performances. If anything, it’s the film’s development origins, which Statham spilled the beans on during an interview with Sway on Sway in the Morning—statingHomefront was originally meant for another long-awaited action sequel: Rambo 5. Hear the action star talk about it with Sway below.

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