Is There An iPhone 5 Up For Auction On eBay?

evolveteam September 23, 2011 0
iPhone 5 eBay Auction

Apple’s made no official announcement or confirmation as to when the iPhone 5 will hit retailers. But judging by this screenshoot, looks like eBay user coltsfan895 already has it and has put it up for bid on eBay Canada for the asking price of $1,139.98. The auctioned model appears to be the AT&T 32GB version and is said to come with 1-year of Apple Care. Seeing how the seller’s feedback score ranks at 99.3 positive (out of 530 scores), it’s hard to call. But why post an image of a concept design than the actual phone? Exactly. Seeing how experts have the Cupertino Clan releasing the next-gen iPhone in about two weeks, we’ll wait, along with every other iFiend.