This iPhone 8 Concept Could Be the iPhone of the Future

evolveteam November 14, 2014 0
iPhone 8 Concept

That new iPhone 6 you brought for X-Mas may not even be out of the box yet. And we can look past the expected 6s due out next year, or even the iPhone 7/7s, which wouldn’t be logically expected until 2018. Instead, let us gaze further in to the future at the iPhone 8. Graphic designer Steel Drake shared his vision of what could be, and if Apple even comes close, be prepared to be amazed.

Drake’s dream of the future iPhone was put up on Behance earlier this week. Rendered from a single piece of glass covering the front and the back of the phone, in a unibody design, the form factor contains aluminum on the sides to house the buttons and antennas.

Images look sharp off of what would be the latest Retina Display from Apple. The concept is well outside of the scope of what is feasible today, but who knows what five years can bring about. This is one phone that could truly be worth the wait.