iLuv's iMM178 iPod Alarm Clock Prepped to Wake all Sleepies

evolveteam March 4, 2010 0

Even alarm clocks have to migrate to the next-gen. iLuv’s new iMM178 Vibe Plus iPod dock/alarm clock pushes it’s “Alarming” features by introducing a Bed Shaker. Not only will you wake up to you’re favorite track when the sun rises, but you’ll wake up to the sensual vibration of the iMM178. The bed shaker attachment (placed under a pillow) does have its own speaker and volume control, and promises to wake up “dead sleepers”. Otherwise, the dock is pretty standard, and includes a large LCD display, dual alarm settings, FM radio and a pair of jAura speakers that promise added “depth and clarity.” Look for this one at all the usual sources right now for $89.99.