iLuv Adorns iPad with Chic Accessories

evolveteam January 28, 2010 0

iLuv really compels you to style your iPad with it’s lineup of stylish accessories. With all the countless color designed cases and water-resistant neoprene sleeves, it’s hard to choose which product can depict your style and personality. iPad owners have the option of dining their latest Apple commodity with a Leather Case available in black or pink for $39.99, or stand out with an Ultra Thin Case with Tatz Graphics in pink, red or black which retails at $34.99. That’s only a miniscule number of items iLuv has produced.

Looking for a richer look? No biggie, you can get your hands on a Silicone Case in a variety of colors for $24.99. With such an enormous collection to choose from, your’re head will be aching with options for color themes and protective cases—all starting as low as $14.99. The list goes on as to what actually comes with this new iPad, but here’s just a few: In-ear Earphones with iPod Microphone Remote, Headphone iPod Remote Adapter, Triple USB Charger Pack, Single USB Power Adapter, Dual USB Car Charger, Micro Size USB Car Charger, International Triple USB Charger Pack and of course a charge/Sync Cable for your iPod.

Pimp out you’re iPad out with style. For $499, it’s only natural. Check out the rest of the roster: