HTC M8 Leak Suggests Flagship Will Look Exactly Like One

evolveteam February 3, 2014 1
HTC M8 MWC 2014

Mobile World Congress 2014 is right around the corner and we’re all anticipating major announcements from the biggest Android smartphone manufacturers, especially HTC. The Taiwanese mobile staple has been imploding before our very eyes despite quality sales from its flagship device, the HTC One, meaning we could possibly see the company’s very last phone at this year’s international expo, which many experts are dubbing the HTC M8. We on the other hand believe it’ll go under the HTC Two alias, but whatever.

More and more rumors are starting to surface with @evleaks opening the floodgates after sending two tweets that touch on the phone’s new look and its launch date. According to the infamous leaker, the “M8 looks strikingly like the M7 (One),” and we should expect it to hit the states around late March. Another rumor making its rounds concerns the on-screen button setup for the M8 (view below), which were also confirmed by the same source earlier last week. OEM fans should be happy over the news.

We’ll continue to report on the HTC M8 as more news continues to hit the Web. So stay tuned.

HTC M8 Touchscreen