Hit Girl Chloe Moretz Gives Update On Kick-Ass Sequel

evolveteam September 15, 2011 0
Kick-Ass 2 Hit Girl

It was last year when writer and director Matthew Vaughn informed fans of Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall going into production this past April. Obviously that didn’t happen. But with the project in development limbo at the moment, actress Chloe Moretz AKA Hit Girl claims the film, is in fact, still on. Here’s an excerpt of her interview with Movies.com:

“Actually, yeah, but I think I’m going to be a little bit older. I’d like to do it in the next year or two because I think that’s a really good time age-wise. You can show Hit Girl in a different light which would be a lot of fun. I think it would be fun to show her, because you know her as this 11-year-old assassin, so I think it would be fun to show her as this twisted young adult, this 16-17-year-old Catwoman-y almost, twisted and dark person.”

Somebody give this girl executive producer credits for that idea. Sounds good.