Halo Reach Details Emerge

evolveteam January 14, 2010 0

The latest issue of Game Informer has produced some interesting tidbits on the next Halo game. Check out what Bungie has in-store for Halo’ers…do you REALLY wanna see…

– Reach is a prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved.
– The protagonists are The Noble team, a six-person squad with different looks and weapons specialties.
– The color palette will be darker than previous Halo games, reflecting a darker emotional tone.
– The Covenant will be scarier in this Halo, and will feature deep, creepy voices.
– The game will support battles with up to 40 AI opponents, twice as many as Halo 3.
– Health will not replenish, like in the original Halo.
– New weapons include the marksman rifles (mix of a sniper and battle rifle) and the “needle rifle” that will blow people up if they’re hit by a number of shots in a row.
– Armor will provide special abilities. Stealth and extra-speed are mentioned.
– Multiplayer will offer all the options of Halo 3, and add some as-yet undisclosed new wrinkles in the game.

Sounds good enough for us, can’t wait!