Halo Anniversary Edition Kinect Features Unveiled

evolveteam October 17, 2011 0
Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition Kinect

IGN got the official scoop from 343 Industries on what Kinect features have been integrated in the upcoming anniversary edition for Halo: Combat Evolved. The announcements: Analyze Mode, The Library and Voice Commands. Here’s the breakdown:

Voice Commands – Using voice-commands, you’ll be able to reload your weapon, throw grenades, switch between Classic and Remastered graphics and more, all using only your voice.

Analyze Mode – Analyze Mode essentially lets you scan items during singleplayer into what 343i has dubbed the Library (different library, folks). Currently various vehicles, characters, enemies and weapons are confirmed. The feature is engaged by saying the word “scan” while training your reticule on an item. Your Library index will grow in collectible-style fashion as you analyze more content.

The Library – The aforementioned Library is an index where detailed item info can be stored, searched and read. You’ll access the content via gesture controls.

Thanks for sharing guys. Halo: Anniversary hits retailers November 15 for $40.