GameQ Wednesday

evolveteam August 26, 2009 0

PS3/Xbox 360

When it comes to comic book games, one thought comes to mind: 80% of them suck. And considering the new Batman game had been delayed at the last minute a few months back, our hopes were beginning to dwindle even more. But the reviews have come pouring in and guess what…Batman: Arkham Asylum is the best comic book game EVER! After transporting the Joker to the psychiatric ward for the criminally insane, Batman’s biggest nemesis manages to take over the mental institution and team up with Gotham’s most ruthless criminals, forcing Bruce Wayne to strap on the bat belt and restore peace in Arkham Asylum once again. The graphics are phenomenal, the voice acting is top-notch and the stealth mechanics are as superb as any Splinter Cell game.


How can Nintendo make the Metroid Prime trilogy any better? Updating the first two Gamecube games with the Wii’s motion controls is a plus, and thats exactly what Retro Studios does. Relive Samus’ previous three adventures in an all-new wide screen presentation, exploring numerous intergalactic locations and putting your Power Suit to the test against some of the hardest boss battles you’ve ever experienced. First-Person action has never looked and played this smooth.