EvolveTV: Qubeey App Puts Social Media, Chat, & Video Into One Outlet

evolveteam May 17, 2012 0
Qubeey Social Media App

Huge YouTuber? Consider yourself a messaging monger? Or are you someone who constantly obsesses over IMs? Whichever category you fall in, we recommend checking out Qubeey: the new highly interactive “social business communications platform” that combines all your social media accounts, chats, emails, and videos, which are all accessible from any desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Share YouTube clips, shoot emails, and update any of your social network accounts straight from the program’s interface. Vice President of Creative at Queeby, Jeff Pittle, gave EvolveTV a first look at the beta (available now), highligting some of the dope features and insane animations Qubeey brings. Big things on the horizon for the start-up. Watch Jeff’s demonstration below.