EvolveTV: Capcom’s Seth Killian Talks Street Fighter x Tekken PS Vita

evolveteam April 30, 2012 0
Street Fighter x Tekken PS Vita Seth Killian

The Capcom faithful should be familiar with Community Manager Seth Killian. If you’ve been jocking any of the gaming company’s most popular fighting games throughout the past decade, and somehow still have no clue who he his, now’s your time to catch up. We caught up with Seth during a special PS Vita event at the NYC PlayStation Store, giving EvolveTV the 411 on the Street Fighter x Tekken PS Vita port. And before you start spazzing over assumptions that it’ll be the same exact thing as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, don’t be so sure of it. Seth reassures us a new touchscreen control scheme (sorry cheeseballs), while discussing the 12 additional characters and cross-platform functionality between the PS3 and Vita. Things look promising to say the least. Here’s our exclusive chat with Capcom’s main man.

Make sure to revisit Evolve for our follow-up videos with Seth Killian concerning Tekken x Street Fighter and his favorite fighters on the cross-fighter title.