Evolve Reveals New Multiplayer Map

evolveteam November 6, 2014 0
evolve multiplayer map

Evolve is a game that has only slight variety to its various maps of jungle layouts and wide open spaces, but that all changes as of today. The ‘Orbital Drill’ map plays unlike any other map in the game in which the hunters are tasked with protecting a vital power relay; however it is located in a rather problematic area. The bottleneck design of the central relay area makes it absolutely dangerous for anyone to stay there for long periods of time without getting easily killed with very little options in escape.

The open areas though are just as dangerous as there are active drills that surround acid ponds, which can massively damage or kill monsters and hunters alike. So it makes combat secondary to tactics. Finally there is a chance to lose track of the enemy if a random rain storm sweeps in and washes away any tracks left behind. This map definitely oozes out horror movie from every aspect and players can’t wait to creep around this stage and get scared out of their minds.