The Darksiders Franchise Is Still Alive

Jager Robinson June 11, 2015 0

Good news Darksiders fans. The definitive edition is coming to the new generation of consoles! Well, bad news for most people as the new trends in video games are bad servers and remakes but if you love Darksiders (which I really…really do), then this is amazing!

When the press release for Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition (solid pun Nordic Games), Reinhard Pollice, Nordic’s business & product development director, said this:

We took over the franchise roughly two years ago and thought about the next chapter for the Darksiders ever since then. Naturally (and extremely excitedly!), there will be a large-scale project based on Darksiders, but for now it is very important for us to take care of the existing games and make those available to a broader audience.

Since THQ sold the rights to Darksiders many moons ago, Nordic has kept the dream alive for more Darksiders and Pollice’s comments all but confirm that after the deathinitive edition, we will probably see a project move forward.

When asked about the original Darksiders getting remastered he remained on edge saying that it is a possibility and a real challenge that they would consider.