Check Out the Original Apple Watch From 1995

evolveteam January 21, 2015 0

Ask any tech expert what the most anticipated gadget of 2015 is, they’ll all respond by saying the Apple Watch. The Cupertino Clan’s upcoming smartwatch is expected to hit retailers this spring and dominate the category upon its release. However, technically, the device won’t be the company’s first stab at capturing the watch market.

Old school Mac users might remember this specific digital watch, which was produced in limited quantities and offered as a freebie to Macintosh users who upgraded their machines to Mac OS 7.5 software. YouTube user Jonathan Morrison managed to snag his hands on a model and showcased it at CES 2015 to those in attendance. Many of the reactions are what you would expect with one person saying, “It looks like a Mickey Mouse watch.”

The upcoming Apple Watch is set to work hand-in-hand with the iPhone and feature a scaratch-resistant glass with “Mac OS” running on the back end.