Capcom Says Wesker Is DEAD! Viewtiful Joe Still Lives?

evolveteam July 26, 2009 0

Capcom Producer Masachika Kawata was asked some interesting questions concerning popular characters from their big dog franchises. For starters Kawata made it clear that Resident Evil nemesis Albert Wesker is in the obituary column. Kawata replied, “Even if you want Albert Wesker to come back there is no chance of that happening.” On another note, one attendee at the Capcom panel asked if we would see the return of beat’em up badass Viewtiful Joe? Producer of Lost Planet 2, Jun Takeuchi, says there are no plans to bring the 2D hero back for another adventure. But if series Director Hideki Kamiya is up for another one, then it would go into consideration. Henshin A Go-Go Baby!