Capcom Releasing DmC Definitive Edition on PS4 and Xbox One Next Year

evolveteam December 15, 2014 0

Sooner or later, we expected Dante to make his next-gen debut. We just never expected it to be so soon, let alone, in re-release form. Nevertheless, it’s just been announced that DmC Definitive Edition will launch on the PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2015.

Dominic Matthews of the Ninja Theory team shared this with the PlayStation Blog:

“We’ve taken on-board player feedback and implemented many of the most requested features. In addition, we’ve given DmC a full next-gen make over, with up-rezzed graphics and a silky smooth running speed of 60fps at 1080p. DmC Definitive Edition also comes bundled with all released DLC and a host of new modes.”

The Definitive Edition will include two new skins, Devil May Cry 1 Dante and Classic Vergil, and two new modes: Turbo, which moved the game 20 percent faster and Hardcore, which “retains the experience” of the standard game, but balances the difficulty of the previous older games. All DLC will come bundled as well. DmC Definitive Edition will go on sale for $40.