Astro Enhances Gaming Experience with A30 Headset

evolveteam March 22, 2010 0

Astro’s always been keen on creating the ultimate pair of gaming headphones and their latest creation only solidifies their legacy as the industry’s best in videogame headsets. Gamers, introducing the A30 headset. These sleek portable headphones are smaller than it’s predecessor (the A40 headset) and feature durable, thick padding on the inside for hours on-end gaming.

Packaged with the A30’s are a number of wires that allow owners to enhance their audio experience outside of the gaming realm. Gamers can now use the high-end headphones on their iPods/iPhones. In addition, Astro offers their MixAmp, which makes room for Dolby Digital sound and allows gamers to play with the volume and audio during their online team battles. Makes for the perfect gift for all those videogame tournament junkies.

Available in both black or white, the Astro A30’s also feature replaceable magnets over the ear cups, leaving room for customized magnets of your choice. Astro insists they will provide customized magnets on their website in the future. Purchase this gem solo ($149.99) or bundled with the MixAmp ($229.99) over at