Apple Releasing 7-inch iPad Unlikely In 2012

evolveteam December 23, 2011 0
iPad 7-inch 2012

As we draw closer to the new year, it’s about that time where all the next-gen iDevice rumors run rampant online. It’s been said that Apple has been working on prototypes for a 7-inch iPad, but a recent report from analyst Brian Blair over at Wedge Partners says don’t believe the hype. In fact, he doesn’t believe Apple will release anything bearing a 7-inch screen: “Jobs was emphatic in his view that 7-inch tablets were dead on arrival…and we believe it would be unlikely to see the company test the waters in this category anytime soon.” Blair’s theory is that the company will continue to produce iPad 2 models after launching the third generation iPad, possibly at a lower price range. “We believe iPad 2’s price drop could drop to the $349 to $399 range with Apple offering a single 16GB model,” he said.

As per release date and specs, Blair expects the iPad 3 to arrive late March or early April (no surprise there) and see key features such as a retina display, 4G connection, and Siri functionality to be onboard. We’re already expecting tons of concepts to flood the Internet by January.