Apple Officially Killing Off iPod Classic

evolveteam September 10, 2014 0
iPod Classic

Could you believe 13 years have passed since the original iPod classic hit the market? Oh, how the time has past. But all good things must come to an end, which is why Apple will discontinue its long-running standalone MP3 player. Yesterday afternoon after the Apple online store came back online, it was discovered that the iPod classic disappeared from its purchasable online listing.

As the company moves into two new areas—larger-screen smartphones and wearables—it seems fitting that the move is made to usher in its next wave of groundbreaking devices. Though we can all agree the move sucks mainly because finding an iPod model boasting 160GB for its killer price of $250 will be difficult to come by in the near future. Whether plans are in order to introduce a more advanced model of the iPod Touch remains to be known at the moment.

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