Apple Screens Receive 27-Inch Treatment

evolveteam July 29, 2010 0

Apple is now offering a new 27-inch monitor for the Mac—3-inches bigger than the previous screens. It has a resolution of 2560 x 1440, and costs $999, which is $100 more than the previous model. The other 27pinh beauty in Apple’s pack is of course the iMac, which Apple has designed in compliance with the recent complaints they’re consumers have dished out in the past.

Ports and connectors remain the same as the other models. The brightness has been turned up a notch, to 375 cd/m2, and the contrast ratio remains the same at 1000:1. Response time has changed as well, from 14ms in the 24″ model, to 12ms in the 27″. Weighing 10.7kgs (a little heftier, as expected, than the 24″ model at 9.5kg), the full measurements are 18.84″ tall, 22.57″ wide, and 7.76″ deep. Look out for the Apple’s new monitors this September.