Analyst Proclaims Xbox 720 2012 Launch Rumors “Silly,” Expects 2014 Release

evolveteam November 22, 2011 0
Xbox 720 2014 Launch

The Internet’s been plagued with rumors of Microsoft’s next-gen console, dubbed the Xbox 720. And while the company has made no comments or announcements concerning the successor to the Xbox 360, one unnamed source told Edge last week to expect the system in late 2012. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter finds the rumor to be, at best, “silly” and doesn’t expect Microsoft’s new system to hit retailers until 2014. Here’s an excerpt of Pachter’s interview with Industry Gamers:

“Those rumors are silly…[Microsoft will not release an Xbox 360 successor] until sales begin to slow….I think the rumors are based upon leaks about modifying the current Xbox 360 to allow it to operate Windows 8…I fully expect a new model of Xbox 360 by holiday 2012, but don’t think we see a new console altogether from Microsoft until 2014.”

If you ask us, 2012 sounds to soon and 2014 seems to late for any of the big three to release a next-gen console. Well, maybe not for Nintendo, but you get the picture. We’re not expecting any real announcements until next year’s E3 festivities. So all Xbox 720 rumors should be taken with a grain of salt at the moment. Just sayin’.