Amazon Fire Phone An Epic Failure, Hasn’t Even Sold 35,000 Units

evolveteam August 27, 2014 1
amazon fire phone

The ecommerce giant has been jumping into numerous consumer lanes as of late, gaining serious momentum with its home media-streaming Amazon Fire TV, while scoring huge win this week by snagging for a cool $1 billion. Yet through its successful attempts, the company seems to be suffering an epic fail with its smartphone venture, as analysts report the Amazon Fire Phone has underperformed vastly on the consumer market. How bad? Well, according to data from comScore and The Guardian’s Charles Arthur, it hasn’t even sold past the 35,000 unit mark.

Since it’s launch, the Fire Phone experienced a fair share of problems, which have all attributed to its bust. Experts believe the exclusivity deal with AT&T pretty much killed the smartphone before it even launched, along with the device’s gimmicky features. We called it from the start. Look below.

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