2023 Lamborghini Diamante Concept is the Lambo of the Future

evolveteam December 2, 2013 5
2023 Lamborghini Diamante Concept

The Lamborghini of the future might be years away. However, a handful of auto-inspired graphic designers are looking ahead and creating their own versions of the luxury supercars. Thomas Granjard is one of them and just assembled what he believes to be the Italian automaker’s next major car due out in 10 years dubbed the 2023 Lamborghini Diamante concept. As you can tell, the overall look of the speedster takes on a much aggressive and sportier form with revised body panels. The concept also finds inspiration from recent Lambo models, carrying over design elements from the Veneno and aggressive lining of the Aventador. Looks like a spot-on replica of what we can expect come 2023. Wouldn’t you agree?

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