The 10 Best Mobile Games of November 2014

Angelina Montez December 1, 2014 0
Best Mobile Games November 2014

Now that the holidays are here, that can only mean one thing: traveling. Whether it’s in the same state or out of town, getting to your detestation during the holidays is not something most of us look forward to. Waiting on lines that take forever, or sitting in traffic can put anyone in a bad mood. Time goes by faster when you have something to keep you entertained. That’s why we put together this collection on mobiles games released over the past month to keep you busy at the airport, bus stop, or train platform. Check out the the Best 10 Mobile Games of November.


The Witcher Adventure Game

This mobile board game is set in a brutal dark fantasy world, where during your journey, you will complete various quests. Fight off deadly beasts and solve ancient mysteries. Choose from 4 different heroes, each carrying their own skill set. Play against the computer or friends. The game offers players over 288 cards and 30 monsters.
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Ironkill: Robot Fighting Game

Build your very own robot and fight against others to become the champion of the Ironkill leagues. This game lets you customize killing machines from the ground up, so you can create your own signature moves and unique abilities. Upgrading is also available, that way each fighter will be able to stay in the competition. Fight with players from all over the world in order to stake your claim as the IronKill Champion.
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Creature Academy

Train your troops and get them ready to take on over 200 creatures as you explore dungeons to collect armor and meet new allies. Your team can include Orcs, Wolfmen, and many more, the choices are endless when it comes creating dream team. Train each character correctly, as you’ll be fighting other enemies from around the world. The game offers real-time battles and allows players to chat with others from different regions.
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Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Travel into the forgotten realms where you will find a area known as Icewind Dale. Battle some of the toughest beasts ever, but be careful, as the land is filled with glaciers and icy points, it may be hard to maneuver around. Learn dozens of spells, as well as magic armor to help along the way. Bring a friend and play via co-op. Select from almost 40 classes.
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Civilization Revolution 2

Following the success of Civilization Revolution, 2K Games has decided to make a mobile version of its popular PC game. The sequel offers a couple of new features for this strategy game. New leaders have been added including Lenin the Russian communist, King Sejong the king of Joseon, and more. New units have been added as well to strengthen your military power. Build an empire and get ready to take down your enemies.
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Arcane Legends MMO RPG

Arcane Legends: MMO RPG

Create and customize characters, then explore a massive RPG world. As you begin on your quest, you will run into dark forces as you enter through majestic forests and scary dungeons. But you won’t be alone. Each character will have a pet with them, your pet will grow as you gain experience points. Join a guild, play with friends, or fight in a PvP battle. The games offers co-op and solo modes with PvE or PvP.
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Marvel Puzzle Quest
This puzzle allows you to assemble an ultimate team with some of your favorite Marvel characters. The strategy-based game offers RPG leveling when engaged in player-vs-player tournaments. Learn to outsmart your opponents and stop Norman Osborn from his worldwide terror spree. Tournaments and events are offered each month giving players something new to look forward to. Play as some of the most well-known heroes including Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, and more.
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SAS Zombie Assault 4

SAS: Zombie Assault 4

In this intense zombie shooter you will come across 17 different types of walkers, each with they’re very own special attacks and behavior. Oh yea, and they evolve, too. Choose from 3 different character classes and select from over a hundred different weapons and armor. The game offers 7 different story maps to play through, so you’ll never get bored. If you don’t feel comfortable fighting alone, you don’t have to, as the game offers a 4-player co-op mode. So and your friends can kick ass with no problems.
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Heroes Charge

In this massive RGP MOBA, you and a group of friends will collect and train heroes in order to destroy enemies. Embark on over one hundred different quests, choose between 50 different heroes such as melee bruisers, agile archers, and mages. Fight through the world of Korn to find rare heroes and add them to your squad. You can upgrade a hero’s skills as well as collect equipment that can help you in battle. Fight in a PvP arena or if your looking for a challenge, you can fight against a horde of enemies.
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In this third-person shooter, you have a choice of playing 185 fast-paced missions, if you’re just looking for a quick game, play what are called short battles. No need to worry about Wi-Fi or data connection, as you have the ability to play games off and online. Grab some Facebook friends to start a team, or take on everyone else alone. Play between two different modes: Free For All and Team VS, where you’ll have over 30 weapons to pick from.
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