Would An iPhone nano Be Cool?

evolveteam July 18, 2011 2

Concept designer Dallas Bradshaw thinks so. The latest iPhone prototype sports a slimmer design with iPod control soft-buttons at the top, as well as 4G-support, an A5 dual-core CPI, 8MP camera, and iOS 5. There’s also two color options (black and white) and three memory selections (8GB, 16GB, and 32GB). This could’ve been a hot design for maybe the second-gen iPhone, but we’re not sold on it. Besides, nothing’s replacing Apple’s aluminosilicate glass enclosure or the iPad 2’s aluminum steel casing, which is rumored to be featured in the iPhone 5. Nice try Dallas. But if you’re feeling it, read more about Bradshaw’s conception over at Concept-Phones website.