World Of Tanks Is Headed To Xbox One

Jager Robinson February 19, 2015 0

The beloved World Of Tanks is rolling onto the Xbox One.

The strangely dynamic gameplay of playing dozens of different tanks has made its way into the hearts of gamers and has apparently played into the hands of the most surprising decision, cross-platform play. World Of Tanks was probably always planned to hit the Xbox One but cross-platform play certainly gives it a leg up on other multiplayer games. Like a lot of games that have come out, you will be able to transfer your progress and purchases from the 360 to the One but you will also be able to play your rivals back on the 360.

As World Of Tanks steams towards the current-gen consoles, it is important to note that just like the PC and the 360 versions, World Of Tanks will be free to play and you will be able to do just about all the same features without delay.

This idea of cross-platform gameplay has been around forever but not a lot of games really push the limits as to what the technology is able to do. We saw a lot of this in the Windows 10 press release but it is nice to see this idea happen before it becomes a staple in the industry.

If you love World Of Tanks, be sure to check out the launch trailer and make sure to stay tuned for more information regarding the transition!

Thank you MP1ST for details in the story!