Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trailer Unveils New Gameplay & Release Date

evolveteam June 6, 2014 0
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trailer Unveils New Gameplay & Release Date

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,/em> is a part of a series of story-driven RPGs set in a fantasy universe rich with monstrous wildlife, mesmerizing magic, and iconic heroes. In the game, you play as Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter, and embark on an epic journey full of choice and consequence that leads inexorably toward a confrontation with the Wild Hunt, which is a scary thing, if the trailer here does it any justice.

The trailer here reveals some pretty awesome monsters, as well as some crazy cool attacks that Geralt can pull off: including blasting magic fire, using weapons like grenades and a pistol, and some pretty neat aerial stunts. Although many will compare this game to something like Skyrim, The Witcher series of games is known to have a fairly complex and deep storyline, aiming at a more mature gaming audience.

The official release of the game has been set for February 24 of next year. This might be longer than we’d be willing to wait, but developer CD Projekt Red wants to give the game the time it needs to really be a smash hit. Wild Hunt will hit the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and OS X.

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