Windows 10 Spartan Browser Loaded with Advanced Features

evolveteam January 9, 2015 0
Windows 10 Spartan Browser

In ancient times Microsoft and its Internet Explorer browser dominated the online landscape. Numerous gaps in security and a lack of feature development has plagued the once might piece of software. Microsoft is set to release Windows 10 sometime in 2015, and with it is the promised reimagining of the Internet Explorer browser, codenamed the Spartan browser

There are numerous features Microsoft is set to arm Spartan with. In an increasingly mobile world synchronization between devices is key. Spartan browser be powered by Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage, meaning many of the features of preferences will transfer to whatever device the user is utilizing.

Digging in to the heart of the arsenal are features such as annotation of a webpage with a stylus, custom tab grouping, and Cortana virtual assistant support. Wrapping all of these features together will be a concerted effort to make the experience similar across the multitude of devices users employ.
Microsoft is intending to release the browser as an app in the Windows store as a desktop app at first with expected versions coming shortly thereafter. The inclusion in the Windows store indicates the ability for frequent updates across all platforms.

While the naming and other features may play a role in the Microsoft event on January 21st, 2015, this is quickly shaping up to be the kind of weaponry Microsoft needs to take back the lead position in the browser wars.