Will The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Be Available In White?

evolveteam November 17, 2011 0
Galaxy Nexus White

It seems as if smartphone manufacturers have developed a new love for the color white, especially since the iPhone 4 re-introduced the trend earlier this year. Well, it’s being rumored that Samsung is ready to give the Samsung Galaxy Nexus the white treatment, as Droid-Life stumbled upon an interesting comment left by one of its readers saying the phone will be offered in a different color come February. Commenter Enigma2U stated the following in the comments section of a Droid-Life post:

“Like I said the other day so far NY “Source” has been spot on and we are only hours away from release date/pre order date announced from VZW …oh and if its true what he said they will only carry the 32gig model only for $299 …and also around Feb they will offer the White version of this phone …personally i have always wanted a nice white phone that’s not an Isheep phone but I don’t think I can wait fill Feb …but like I said …hours away not days but hours…”

The image above was provided by a reader of the Android-based blog and is a rendering of what the Galaxy Nexus white could look like. Sweet. We’re actually surprised Droid-Life reads their comments. Hey, it makes for great news. Droid-Life also wants you to know that it doesn’t support the claim as a rumor, but judging by the amount of hype and speculation being tossed around for the Ice Cream Sandwich phone, everything stands a rumor for now.