What's In Your Queue?

evolveteam June 23, 2009 0
This animated documentary is visually stunning wonder. Experience the story of Israeli Ari Folman and his recollecting memories of the 1983 Lebanon War. Looking for answers on why his former band of brothers are in delusional mind states, he looks to search for his own answers, but most importantly, why he can’t remember anything himself. After revisiting the battlefield, his haunting memories begin to unravel and suppress his mind. There’s a reason why it was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Oscar’s; it’s an incredible film.

So what if Jerry Bruckheimer produced a chick flick. Chances are you were pulled into theaters on Valentine’s Day to see it, chances are you’ll be pulled in to see it on a blockbuster night. So you might as well know what your getting into. As an obsessively compulsive shopaholic, Rebecca Bloomwood puts herself into a tremendous debt that she must work off. After snagging a job as an advice columnist at a financial magazine, Rebecca begins to struggle with her addiction, while managing her career and love life.