Wait…A Smartwatch Running Windows 95?

evolveteam October 8, 2014 0

No, this is not Microsoft’s rumored smartwatch. And yes, it’s seems quite useless to run an obsolete operating system like Windows 95 on such a modern device. But YouTube user Corbin Davenport figured, hey, why not. The techie managed to take his Samsung Gear Live, which runs on Android Wear software, to run Microsoft’s earlier OS.

Surprisingly, the software runs quite fast, though its limitations are hard to overlook such as running out of RAM instantly before being able to open an app on the system. Keep in mind the wearable is not actually running Windows 95, but in fact running a DOS emulator called aDosBox, available on Android devices. This won’t encourage anyone to actually run out and download the program for their smartwatches, but it’s a cool mod either way. Check it out in action above.