‘Vikings’ Actress Speaks on Captain Marvel Interest

evolveteam February 20, 2015 0
Captain Marvel Kathryn Winnick

Marvel has got us all on edge with their upcoming films. The studio’s release list is like Tony Stark telling the world he is Ironman- pretty big and we can’t wait to see what’s next. It seems like what’s to come is the discussion of who will play Carol Danvers, aka, Captain Marvel. This is very big for the studio because this will the first female-lead superhero movie. The release for the film has been pushed back to November 2018, which leaves fans wondering who will dawn the gear of Captain Marvel.

Cinemablend brings news that fans have suggested Vikings Star, Kathryn Winnick, who is open to the idea. It’s possibly a really amazing choice- see the resemblance? Back in November Winnick posted a picture of fan-made art–her dressed as captain Marvel. While having a talk with IGN, she expressed her enthusiasm for the idea of being a superhero: “I would love to. Oh wow, there’s so many. I’m such a fan of comic books. I grew up reading them. They were my idols. Like, these characters came to life for me! I don’t think there’s one in particular, either than I would love to play an action hero.”

Adding on to that statement, when asked if she would play Captain Marvel, she simply smiled saying if Marvel called she would answer the phone. Hopefully, we can see Winnick in the film scheduled to be released November 2, 2018.