Toukiden: The Age of Demons Review

evolveteam February 20, 2014 0

Toukiden The Age of Demons gameplay

Fun Gameplay

If you’ve ever played Dynasty Warriors and Monster Hunter, then all should feel familiar. Players are given a quest to conquer and are rewarded with items and resources when completed. Destroying demons and ginormous monsters remain the premise of gameplay, which is accomplished through simple hack-n-slash attacks. You’ll steal the souls of your prey after hovering over their dead corpses, and when promoted, you’ll be able to embody the spirit of heroes killed by the powerful Oni. Obtained powers can be stored and added to equipment to unlock new abilities.

Achievement whores will have a field day, as Toukiden offers over 200 Mitama to collect. Mitama belong to one of four magic types: Attack, Defense, Healing, and Spirit. All can be applied to a character to advance passed missions and difficult bosses. Hordes of enemies will flood the screen, keeping you preoccupied on the button-mashing end, though too many at one time does lead to some frame rate issues. However, this isn’t a frequent problem.

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