Tinder to Release Premium Features For Users Who Swipe Right

evolveteam October 22, 2014 0
Tinder 2014

The social dating conglomerate for the most part has migrated over to Tinder. As the service continues to grow in popularity, so has its functionality, as CEO Sean Rad recently revealed with Forbes the company’s plans to introduce some new features in the coming months:

“Our core offering that you have right now is always going to remain free,” Rad said. “Next month we’re going to release a few premium features that we’re totally excited about. It’s two things that our users have been asking for for a very long time and we think there’s a great opportunity for us to introduce these features and because we’re confident the value is there…we’re going to charge for it.”

Despite failing to divulge details on the latest changes, he’s hinted the company has been working on ways that users “hack” the service for other purposes besides dating. “We hear all these cases where people [are] using Tinder outside of dating,” said Rad. “There’s all these various hacks and it’s great. We’re now learning from our users and those hacks to find the next opportunities.”

Rad has revealed a new verification system will be put into place to accommodate celebrity users, though it has yet to officially launch. No word on when the latest changes will be made available to users.