The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

evolveteam November 22, 2013 1
A Link Between Worlds Dungeons

Tough Dungeons

Dungeons have always been the core factor in the Zelda series and the latest entry has its fair share of them. Solving puzzles becomes extremely challenging, but also rewarding once you get through them. Paying close attention is vital, as picking the right weapons and mastering the in-wall merging feature will allow you to proceed past these areas. Like in previous games, there is no order in which you have to complete the dungeons.  

A link Between Worlds Mini Games

Mehhh Mini-Games

Nintendo offers a couple of mini-games here such as Treacherous Tower, which provides a reasonable challenge to players and rewards them with bags full of rupees. You also have StreetPass access, opening the virtual gate to fight Shadow Link. While fun for a brief period of time, the mimi-games become a bore. You just might be encouraged to play the main game twice through.

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