The 5 Best Universal Smartphone Charger Packs

evolveteam October 5, 2012 1
The 5 Best Universal Smartphone Charger Packs

Let’s be honest for a sec. The battery life on most smartphones will never fulfill our everyday needs. Energy saving apps haven’t helped the cause, so we’re left either spending money on a second battery or tackling on more portable weight via charging case. Duracell is starting to expand its mobile horizons with the introduction of a multi-platform Powermat. However, the energizing board only supports two phones at the moment: the iPhone 4/4S and Samsung Galaxy S III. So that leaves every other Android, BlackBerry, and Windows 8 phone owner in search of a more suitable recharging solution.

A number of tech companies have started releasing their own portable charging devices, making it much easier for mobilephiles to juice up their phones on the go without any low battery worries. Best of all, a number of them are universal. But which one best fits your needs? Evolve rummaged through the crowd and narrowed down the five best options. So before you go spending on a smartphone battery case, keep your handset in its slender and lightweight form by investing in any of the 5 Best Universal Smartphone Charger Packs.

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