The 5 Best Universal Smartphone Charger Packs

evolveteam October 5, 2012 1
mycharge Peak 6000 battery pack

MyCharge Peak 6000

The 6000mAh battery pack promises to dish out four times “the average smartphone” charge (est. 27 hours of talk time) and is compatible with every iOS and Android device. That’s not to say you can’t use it with any BlackBerry or Windows-operated handset. What makes the Peak 6000 such a great buy is its ability to charge three devices at once and the recharging options (USB connection or wall outlet). The inclusion of voice and tone notifications in four languages makes it an ever sweeter package.

Buy it now at myCharge for $100

Energizer Universal Multi-Port Charger 5000mAh

Energizer Universal Multi-Port Charger

Sporting two ports, Energizer’s universal energy booster lets users plug and charge any 10W tablet device or 5W smartphone: simultaneously if need be. The magnetic cable clip makes for less crowded workspace, keeping all cables untangled and organized, while the on/off button manages charging control. Expect up to three times the power from a smartphone with the device reaching a full charge in six hours. These things are selling like hot cakes.

Buy it now at Amazon for $58

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