The 10 Best Mobile Games of March ’13

evolveteam March 29, 2013 1
Best Mobile Games of March 2013 Dragon Summoner

Dragon Summoner

An extinct race of dragons has awoken and looks to strike the three kingdoms of Ouvien. It’s your task to assemble a team and set off on a quest to defeat them and save the land. Choose from three different classes (Warriors, Mages, or Hunters), plus customize your team to the best of your ability, which will be heavily needed in fending off these mythical monsters.
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Best Mobile Games of March 2013 Brotherhood of Violence

Brotherhood of Violence

This 3D brawler might bring back horrible memories of Final Fight: Streetwise, but lucky for you, the game is nothing like Capcom’s terrible PS2 title. Brotherhood of Violence lets players learn amazing combos and enforce them in street battles. Graphics are impressive and the cut scenes are pretty amusing as well. Calling all fighters!
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