2012 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Awesome Tech Stocking Stuffers

evolveteam December 21, 2012 0
2012 Holiday Gift Guide Philips Hue Smart LED Light Bulbs

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

Price: $200
Lighting can do everything from influencing moods to triggering conditioned responses. The Philips Hue Controlled Bulb takes it a step further by applying those concepts to your home lighting system and placing full control at your fingertips via iOS device. With the bulbs and bridge you can set moods, time cues to pace your day, and most importantly, conserve energy.

2012 Holiday Gift Guide 3M Streaming Projector by Roku

3M Streaming Projector by Roku

Price: $300
Stacked with dual-band Wi-Fi, fully functional Roku system, and over 600 streaming apps (Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc.), this handheld projector lets you teleport back to the drive-in days where you can finally live that Danny Zuko life. Hey, it beats spending $1,000+ on a premium Epson projector.

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