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Raimi Hints At New Spider-Man Villains

evolveteam October 13, 2009 0

Right now director Sam Raimi has narrowed Spider-Man’s antagonist down to these two: The Lizard and Carnage. “I love the Lizard…There’s a great story there in the Marvel comic books about Dr. Connors. I’m

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Sam Raimi Rolls a Warcraft Flick

evolveteam July 22, 2009 0

Sam Raimi is on board to direct the big screen incarnation of arguably the most popular MMO since EQ (original) and UO – World of Warcraft. Raimia, from the Spider Man trilogy and most

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Spider-Man 4 on 3rd Writer

evolveteam July 9, 2009 0

Variety reports writer and director Gary Ross (Pleasantville, Dave) has been tapped to rewrite the current Spider-Man 4 script. Gary makes the third writer that Sony Pictures has hired to scribe an exciting treatment

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Morbius the Next Possible Spider-Man Villain?

evolveteam May 25, 2009 0

With vampires becoming Hollywood’s latest sugar daddy, it would be nothing more than typical to place Morbius as the main villain for the next Spider-Man film. Director Sam Raimi discussed his infatuation with the

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McFarlane Knows Best For Spidey 4

evolveteam May 7, 2009 0

Let’s put it out there, Sam and Ivan Raimi destroyed Spider-Man 3. Venom’s introduction was poorly executed and Mary Jane should have been off’d two films ago. Had Sony stuck with their original storyline

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