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Retro-Active: Prince of Persia

evolveteam October 2, 2009 0

Strategic platforming was redefined when gamers got their hands on the timeless gem known as Prince of Persia. Set in Ancient Persia, the Sultan’s vizier Jaffar decides to lock up our nameless hero after

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LaCie's Sound2 PC Speakers Are Cool Like That

evolveteam September 30, 2009 0

Designer Neil Poulton takes full accountability for these gorgeous PC speakers. LaCie’s Sound2 PC Speakers pumps 30 watts of peak power, and all thats necessary to enjoy these soundblasters is access to a USB

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QPAD 5K Ultimate Gaming Mouse

evolveteam September 17, 2009 0

A mouse with a higher resolution sensor and 5 buttons. Seems like the perfect peripheral for FPS gaming on the PC and MAC. That’s what Swedish manufacturer QPAD is pushing as “ground breaking technology”.

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Dell Adamo Makes MacBook Air Look Like Paper Weight

evolveteam September 10, 2009 0

9.99mm—what more can be said? That’s thinner than a iPhone. Dell’s Adamo laptop will surely put Apple’s MacBook Air in a tight corner when released. The thing is…no release date or specs have been

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Dell XPS 8000, 9000 Takes On Latest Intel Chip

evolveteam September 8, 2009 0

Dell steps their Intel game up with their XPS 8000 and 9000 models, as both will tackle the new Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. The 8000 rolls with a 500GB hard disk, 4GB

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The Medion X9613

evolveteam August 31, 2009 0

If Apple has taught us anything, its that multi-touch screens are the wave of the future. Now the Medion X9613 is on a mission to take that concept and push the PC market to

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Dell Re-Invents The PC With The Vostro

evolveteam July 16, 2009 0

Steady jockin’ Apple, Dell will release their all-in-one desktop known as the Vostro on August 11th. The 19-inch screen comes equipped with a 160 GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM, Core 2 Duo or

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Zangief doing Oh Yukens? WTF?

evolveteam July 14, 2009 1

Now that Street Fighter IV is on PC’s across the nation, modders will go ballistic cracking the game code and toying with the each character’s specials. Somebody found a way to switch Zangief and

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IBUYPOWER Presents the Chimera Gaming System

evolveteam May 23, 2009 0

The Chimera gaming system is IBUYPOWER’s first venture into advanced functional & visual case designing. Fortunately for consumers, its a visually stunning piece of machinery

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