Retro-Active: Prince of Persia

evolveteam October 2, 2009 0

Strategic platforming was redefined when gamers got their hands on the timeless gem known as Prince of Persia. Set in Ancient Persia, the Sultan’s vizier Jaffar decides to lock up our nameless hero after discovering the Princess has taking a likening to him. Jaffar goes onto imprison the Princess, leaving her an unwelcoming ultimatum; meet death within an hour timespan or marry Jaffar.

Time is of the essence. So gamers experiencing both pleasure and pain in their numerous attempts to save the Princess is typical. The incorporation of intelligent puzzles and deadly traps keeps gamers on their toes; and with the hour glass reaching its endpoint, your gaming will is tested. Great gameplay, accompanied by a simplistic control scheme (via keyboard), make Prince of Persia a standout title worth revisiting over and over.

Creator Jordan Mechner outdid himself, using the technique of rotoscoping to master every movement in gameplay. The Apple II seemed like the perfect fit for the game, and with numerous ports following on every gaming console ever imaginable, the alone solidifies Prince of Persia’s place in gaming history.