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Captain America Script Will Surprise Many

evolveteam October 21, 2009 0

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada briefly discussed the Captain America script during a Q&A session at NYC’s Comic-Com. “I’ve seen a couple of outlines and an initial screenplay, and it’s going to rock everyone’s

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Deniro & Law Cast For Thor Film?

evolveteam October 19, 2009 0

In an article with the German edition of GQ, actor Matthias Schweighöfer (Valkyrie) stated he was in the running for a role in Thor. Interestingly enough, he also mentions Jude Law and Robert DeNiro

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Psylocke Makes Here Presence

evolveteam October 19, 2009 0

The Marvel Universe continues to expand. Carnage about a week ago, and now X-Men heroine Psylocke. Obviously not the fan’s first choice, but c’mon, its DLC. Who do you expect? Thanos

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Iron Man Director Not Set For Avengers

evolveteam October 16, 2009 0

At a press junket for the box office hit Couples Retreat, star and Iron Man director John Favreau talked with MTV about his involvement with The Avengers film, and the possibility of him directing

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Raimi Hints At New Spider-Man Villains

evolveteam October 13, 2009 0

Right now director Sam Raimi has narrowed Spider-Man’s antagonist down to these two: The Lizard and Carnage. “I love the Lizard…There’s a great story there in the Marvel comic books about Dr. Connors. I’m

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Marvel Films Chronologically Synced

evolveteam October 8, 2009 0

Comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis spills the beans on Marvel’s intertwined story line between Thor and The Avengers films. Set for a release on May 20, 2011, Brian indicates the conclusion of Thor’s

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Jackman Wants Wolverine II In Japan

evolveteam October 7, 2009 0

During a recent sit down with Katie Couric, X-Men star Hugh Jackman talked briefly about the developing X-Wolverine sequel. “The whole time, from when I began, the one storyline that I went, ‘That’s a

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Ghost Rider 2 Rated-R?

evolveteam October 2, 2009 0

That’ll be the day when a key Marvel figure gets their own Rated-R film; Blade doesn’t count either, lol. Scriber David Goyer spoke to Collider about the upcoming Ghost Rider sequel, mentioning his script

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Sam Rockwell Talks Iron Man 2

evolveteam September 28, 2009 0

Robert Downey Jr.’s third adversary, Sam Rockwell AKA Justin Hammer, talks about his villainous role in the upcoming blockbuster sequel with IGN. “He’s a rival of Tony’s – they are competitors in the weapons

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