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Iron Man 3 Villain Revealed

evolveteam November 23, 2009 0

No one has even seen a trailer for Iron Man 2, yet rumors are swirling around of actor Faran Tahir (leader of the Ten Rings terrorist organization that held Tony Stark hostage in the

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Iron Man 2 Trailer Revealed With Sherlock Holmes

evolveteam November 20, 2009 0

In more Marvel news, word is the first Iron Man 2 trailer will be attached to another Robert Downey Jr. film, that being of course Sherlock Holmes. Christmas is right around the corner Tony

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Obsessed Actor Jumps On Thor Film

evolveteam November 20, 2009 0

The Hollywood Reporter reports The Office actor Idris Elba has just been cast for Marvel’s Thor film. The once-rumored Bond actor will take on the role of Heimdell, the guardian of Asgarda defender who

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Black Cat Not Cast, Spidey Jr. On The Way?

evolveteam November 18, 2009 0

Last week there was heavy talk of Rachel McAdams being secretly cast as Black Cat for the next Spider-Man 4. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the actress says, “That’s a total rumor, I have to

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Don't Call Ghost Rider 2 A Reboot

evolveteam November 5, 2009 0

Flash Forward and Batman Begins writer David Goyer insists the Ghost Rider sequel not be called a reboot in a recent interview with MTV. The screenwriter goes on to make an interesting James Bond

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Hannibal Lecter Bites Thor

evolveteam October 31, 2009 0

Made you look, but Academy Award Winner Anthony Hopkins is set to join the cast of Marvel’s Thor. Variety reports the Silence of the Lambs actor will take on the role of Odin, Thor’s

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Spider-Man 4 Villain Revealed

evolveteam October 28, 2009 0

Dr. Connors, calling Dr. Connors; you’re needed to save the Spider-Man franchise. Jim Dorey over at Marketsaw reveals to LatinoReview that The Lizard will be the primary villain for the upcoming Spider-Man 4: We

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Law and Deniro Hammer Thor Rumor To The Ground

evolveteam October 23, 2009 0

Just a few days ago actor Matthias Schweighöfer mentioned to the German edition of GQ that Jude Law and Robert Deniro were cast in the Marvel adaptation of Thor. Representatives from both camps took

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Dr. Conners Back For Spidey 4, Raimi Talks Venom

evolveteam October 22, 2009 0

Actor Dylan Baker confirms his return for Spider-Man 4 at a recent Q&A session for his new scary film Trick ‘r Treat. He was unclear whether he’ll transform into the Lizard and become Spidey’s

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