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Telsa's New Concept: The Eye

evolveteam March 12, 2010 0

The Tesla Roadster has undergone more cosmetic surgery than Heidi Montag. The concept vehicle welcomes another addition to the family tree: The Eye. Created by 11 masters students at Turin’s Instituto Europeo di Design,

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Citroen's Electric Car "Unconventional, Aggressive, Exciting and Vibrant"

evolveteam March 9, 2010 0

Citroen’s Survolt concept looks like a replica out of Minority Report. The Survolt futuristic look meets size, environmental and safety requirements of cars in the electric-mini class. Citroen calls it a super-mini that is

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Joos Orange Solar Charger

evolveteam March 5, 2010 0

Apparently Solar Components’ latest charger produces up somewhere around six to twenty times more power than any other charger on the market. Utilizing the Joos Orange charger’s reflector kit helps produce 30 times more

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Solar Water Bottle Shines Light on H2O

evolveteam March 3, 2010 0

Designed by Sollight, the Lightcap300 is a water bottle that features a solar powered LED light. The water bottle combines light and H2O and provides for less carry weight, mainly due to its attached

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Decorate Wall With Green Grass Lamp

evolveteam March 1, 2010 0

Designed by Marko Vuckovic, the Grass Lamp provides a change of scenery for any living room setting. Its serves as a lamp and semi-garden, as light gleams on the inserted soil producing fine grass,

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Three-Wheel Electric Drive

evolveteam February 25, 2010 0

Green Vehicles is attempting to corner the electric vehicle market. EV’s main objective is to be eco-friendly and affordable, but since the economy is in the tank, the price tag is out of reach

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Arkema Produces Solar Showers

evolveteam February 24, 2010 0

Earth’s elements come together to sprinkle joy on ecological advancement. Arkema’s Solar Shower utilizes solar power to produce water from the arched overhead sprinkler system. Playing things safe, a thermostat preset at 30/38° C

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KIA's Plug-in-Hybrid

evolveteam February 17, 2010 0

Kia Motors displays its new Plug-in Hybrid. Peaking at a speed of 109mph, with a CVT/fixed audio, the most striking aspect of the Ray Plug-in Hybrid would be the single piece of glass that

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Neon Green Glorifies Ecological Solar Backpacks

evolveteam February 17, 2010 0

Finally a solar powered backpack that someone would actually wear. The solar backpacks of yester-year usually look like a JanSport with a glorified calculator solar panel sloppily stitched on, but Neon Green’s backpacks on

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