Spotify Updates Create Unique Personalized Experience

Linda Tell May 21, 2015 0

On Wednesday, Spotify announced new features that meet the demands we didn’t even know we had. They’ve expanded their content to offer videos and podcasts. They’ve upgraded their algorithms to produce more accurate playlist recommendations. And they’ve developed running software that uses your pace to determine what song comes next. The music streaming app will use information like time, location, and past preferences to create a truly personalized listening experience. In short, while you listen to Spotify, Spotify listens to you.

Better Playlists

Spotify will curate relevant track lists using information such as age, location, and time of the day. ‘Now Playlists’ will recommend songs to you based on what time it is (like ‘Morning Commute’ in the A.M.). The app will use data from users in similar demographics to suggest new music. It will also keep track of your own preferences over time.

Better Content

Podcasts and videos are making their way to the Spotify roster. A number of television networks, including NBC, ABC, and Comedy Central, have partnered up with the app to offer clips of their popular programs. Spotify might even become your new go-to news source.

Better Workouts

Spotify’s new running feature uses your smartphone’s accelerometer to match your music with your steps. It’ll pick up on your pace and throw together a track list with songs that meet your unique tempo – without compromising your music preferences. The app is also working on creating an entirely new running experience – it plans to offer tracks that can change tempo along with your steps. That is, when you slow down, so does the song.

You don’t have to love music to love Spotify’s new updates. But with the app’s novel personalization, you might just have a change of heart…or pace.