Lists the 10 Best LucasArts Games of All Time

evolveteam May 9, 2013 1
10 Best LucasArts Games

Now that LucasArts has become one with the force, and sold the flagship to the evil empire (EA), it’s easy for us to forget the company was once an innovator in video game development and story arcs for the Star Wars franchise. From its groundbreaking SW titles to standout entries like 1995’s Dig (think Armageddon without the cool soundtrack) and 2005′ Mercenaries (one of the first open-world third-person shooters), the studio has definitely left its mark in gaming history. Our friends over at SI/Extra Mustard put together an awesome list of the 10 Best LucasArts Games of all time, which we recommend browsing through. Pay homage!