Search For Old Facebook Posts With New Feature

Linda Tell December 10, 2014 0

Heads up – You might want to rethink that lip sync video you posted on Facebook back in 2007. The site has just released their newest feature, a tool that allows users to search for old Facebook posts, photos, or videos with the click of a button. And while this is great news for those looking to rehash old memories, it’s also a dangerous weapon of potential humiliation.

The feature is wildly simple: just enter keywords pertaining to the old post, and Facebook’s recently introduced Graph Search tool will fetch the results. The Facebook team recommends that you include specific keywords in addition to first names of those included in the post. Examples include: “Awesome movie Lisa,” or “James epic vacation.”

As of now, the feature has yet to become universally available. Currently, it’s open to desktop and iPhone users, with rumors of an Android version coming soon. When the feature is available to your account, Facebook with issue a notification below your search box. So snoop away! You might just find some forgotten treasures.