Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus & Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Features Revealed

evolveteam October 19, 2011 0
Samsung Galaxy Nexus Ice Cream Sandwich

ICE CREAM! Finally! Samsung, along with Google officially unveiled both the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone to hit retailers this holiday season (the Galaxy Nexus) and the features that will come along with its new operating system: Android 4.0. So what are we looking at? A new “Face Unlock” feature, NFC (near-field communication) capability, Google+ integration, voice typing, and a single-motion panoramic camera. Oh yea, the phone is also said to sport a ginormous 4.6-inch display that produces 720p video playback. Here’s a preview for some of Galaxy Nexus’ coolest features, which you can check out in full over at Information Week’s site by clicking here.

1. Face Unlock: The Galaxy Nexus features built-in facial recognition technology that is put to good use in a cool feature called Face Unlock. As the name suggests, it allows users, or their evil twins, to unlock the device simply by staring into the camera. In theory, at least. The technology was balky during a live demo in Hong Kong.

2. Android Beam: You can’t teleport to the nearest Class M planet with Android Beam, but you can wirelessly send videos, photos, apps, links, and other content to other NFC-enabled Android phones simply by holding the devices within close proximity of each other and hitting send.

Still thinking about that iPhone 4S purchase? Thought so.